Research Methods Class

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9. Proposal Writing
11. Structure of Chapter Five of Thesis or Dissertation
Research Methods Course
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Research is a very systematic process which is carried out with clearly defined objectives. Objectives are the focus of the study and should be stated in a SMART manner. Research questions are the questions that the research seeks to answer. Ideally, research questions should be more specific than the the objectives. Research questions should be investigative in nature; this means that they should not be yes and no response questions. When stating research questions, we use WHAT, HOW and TO WHAT EXTENT. Do these question tags mean anything? Of course they do and this has been explained in the lesson. Finally, hypotheses show the relationship between variables; its an educated guess that is tested mainly at 95% to determine whether there is empirical evidence to support (fail to reject) or not support (reject) the hypothesis. Welcome as we explore these elements of scientific research.

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