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9. Proposal Writing
11. Structure of Chapter Five of Thesis or Dissertation
Research Methods Course
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This lesson takes you identification of sample size and sampling techniques or procedures. Before going through this lesson, make sure you first go through the Sampling Lessons on Lesson 28-37.

It is important to note that this section starts from identification of the sample size. Sample size is drawn from the Target population which we have discussed in Lesson 64. Sample size is not drawn haphazardly . There are scientific theories that we use as researchers to draw the sample.

Once the sample size is identified, then you determine the technique(s) that you will use to draw the sample. This now calls for determination of the sampling procedures. Again, determination of the sampling procedures is dependent on the research approach that the study has adopted.

This lesson will thus take you through:

  1. The meaning of sampling, sample and sample size
  2. The theories of determining sample size
  3. The sampling techniques emanating from the two main research approaches
  4. The requirements of section 3.5
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